About Terms of Use

These terms and conditions apply to the use of the official website of SANKO WORK'S CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as "our company") (hereinafter referred to as the "site"). Please be sure to read the following terms and conditions.

Changes in terms, acceptance
We reserve the right to change these Terms without the prior approval of any person as defined below ("User"), and the User agrees to accept such changes.
Definition of user
A user of this Agreement is a customer who browses the Site, purchases products on the Site, or otherwise uses the Service. If you use the Service, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms.
About the services offered
This site will not be liable for any damage caused by the use of the service. The content of each service is subject to change, deletion or suspension.
Site Rights
All content on this site is the property of the Company or its licensees. Unauthorized reproduction of any article, photo or illustration from this site is prohibited.
The use of online shopping
  • ・Users shall use online shopping in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and any other terms and conditions set forth by the Company
  • ・Our online shopping is for domestic sales only (domestic residents only)
  • ・If the user is a minor, please use with the consent of a parent or guardian
  • ・We reserve the right to refuse orders to users who purchase for sales purposes (resale, etc.) or to users who have a high level of returns or who have problems with delivery, at our discretion.
  • ・We do not guarantee that the content of our site will be adapted to all users' environment and will work properly
  • ・Access to the Site is voluntary, and you are responsible for your use
Note method
If the User wishes to purchase goods through online shopping, the User shall follow the order procedure specified by the Company.
Payment Methods
  • ・The User shall be able to choose between cash transfer (prepayment) and cash on delivery (COD) payment methods at the time of ordering the goods
  • ・We reserve the right to add or remove payment methods
  • ・If you pay by credit card, you are subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement between you and the credit card company
  • ・In the event of a dispute between you and the credit card company, it shall be resolved by both parties, and we shall not be responsible for it.
  • ・Prepayment must be made within 7 days of the order date
  • ・After 7 days, your order will be automatically cancelled
Shipping and handling
  • ・The user is responsible for the shipping costs (hereinafter referred to as "shipping costs") and COD charges (hereinafter referred to as "handling fees") associated with the shipping of the product. In addition, if the delivery to some remote islands requires separate consultation, the person in charge may contact you in return.
  • ・The shipping and handling charges may be changed or canceled at our discretion at any time. The Company shall not be liable for any damage incurred by the User due to such changes or discontinuation.
  • ・Delivery of goods is done through our designated shipping company
  • ・The delivery address is limited to addresses in Japan. Please note that it may not be possible to deliver to some areas such as remote islands.
  • ・We do not unpack, set up, or collect packaging materials at the time of delivery.
  • ・Users may change the shipping address specified at the time of order, as long as it is before our company arranges for delivery. In such a case, the User shall be responsible for changing the shipping address at his/her own expense.
  • ・If the User wishes to have multiple delivery addresses, the User must place one order for one delivery address. If the User requests us to change the delivery address after placing an order, he or she cannot do so.
  • ・If the product is returned to the Company for reasons of the User, such as refusal to receive it, prolonged absence, etc., the User shall pay the actual cost of return shipping and re-delivery to the Company.
  • ・As a rule, we do not accept delivery date specifications. You and the delivery company must specify the delivery date and time when you receive the delivery notice from the delivery company.
  • ・We may extend the time for delivery of goods if
    • ・If the goods were missing
    • ・If it falls on a Saturday, Sunday, national holiday or our holiday, the product cannot be shipped
    • ・If the volume of shipments from us and other workloads are too large to ship as scheduled
    • ・After the goods are shipped, if the delivery is delayed or stopped due to shipping company's circumstances, traffic or weather conditions, natural disasters, etc.
    • ・We will not be liable for any damage to the user due to delay in delivery of the goods to the user
  • ・Please note that due to the characteristics of the product, as a rule, returns and exchanges are not allowed
  • ・We will not respond to any returns of merchandise, whether good, defective, used or unused, without contacting us.
  • ・We are not responsible for the information on this site or for any trouble, loss or damage caused by the use of this site
  • ・We are not responsible for any damage caused by or in connection with the installation or failure to install the purchased goods
  • ・The Company shall not compensate the User for the cost of substitute goods and all other costs associated with the substitute goods provided by other companies due to misdelivery of goods, etc.
  • ・All products listed on this site are subject to change without notice, including prices, specifications, and sales dates
  • ・We reserve the right to change the information on the site without notice. We may also suspend or discontinue the operation of the site without prior notice.
  • ・In no event will we be liable for any damages resulting from any change in the information or from the interruption or discontinuation of the operation of this site for any reason. We are also not responsible for the content of other sites linked to this site.
  • ・The Company shall not be liable for any damage to the User caused by unavoidable reasons, such as natural disasters, force majeure, etc.
When using this site, you are prohibited from the following acts
  • ・Any act that violates or is equivalent to a law, statute, or ordinance
  • ・Criminal acts, or acts connected with criminal acts, or similar acts
  • ・False declaration or notification, such as registering another person's e-mail address
  • ・Actions that are contrary to public order and morals, or equivalent
  • ・Any act that violates the privacy or property of a third party or our company, or any similar act
  • ・Any act that causes detriment or damage to a third party or our company, or any similar act
  • ・Defamation, damage to the reputation or credibility of a third party or our company, or any similar act
  • ・Any commercial activity, or any similar activity
  • ・The use or provision of computer viruses, etc., and similar actions
  • ・Any other act that we deem inappropriate.
Consultative Resolution
If any problem arises with respect to the use of the Service that cannot be resolved in accordance with these Terms, the User and the Company shall meet in good faith to discuss and resolve it.
Governing Law and Agreed Jurisdiction
The use of this site and the interpretation and application of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
The Chiba District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance over all disputes relating to the use of this service, regardless of the amount of the action.

Last Rescheduled Date: April 24, 2019